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SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW is a boutique law firm specializing in German Law, cross-border representation and cross-border litigation. Our services are based on proven expertise and experience in German, US and international law. We provide comprehensive solutions to cross-border and foreign law issues for individual and corporate clients, including law firms. Our clients appreciate.  

    Holger Siegwart, Esq. is one of very few foreign educated attorneys who are licensed to practice law in the Federal Republic of Germany (Rechtsanwalt) and the United States (active member of the California State Bar). Holger Siegwart, Esq. is multilingual and holds foreign language degrees.

    Holger Siegwart, Esq. has lived and practiced law in Germany for many years before establishing SIEGWART GERMAN AMERICAN LAW in the United States. His cross-boarder representation and litigation experience spans more than a decade. He knows how things work in both countries, on and off the legal field, and has in fact represented clients in courtrooms in Germany and the United States.

    A very effective cost structure enables us to operate at a lower cost than big firms. We pass that advantage on to our clients and offer attractive hourly rates and flat fees. Contingency fees are available in appropriate cases.
    We are located in the United States. Your bills will not be inflated by exchange rates and the current weakness of the dollar.
    We do not charge German value added tax. You save an additional 19%.

    You are important. Your case is our concern. We take it personally. This is not a big firm. Our personal touch is the key to productive and successful relationships with individual and small to mid-size corporate clients.